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  1. Snake Charmer

Emily Millard - vocals, acoustic guitar
Sandro Perri - synths, percussion (7)
Blake Howard - drums (7)

Composer & Lyricist: Emily Millard
Producer: Sandro Perri


come on and be
my snake charmer
summon me
I don't wanna wait anymore
I want to rise

when I was young
I saw a world full of damage
desperate souls
buried beneath all their sadness
everywhere I went
I'd smell a thief and I'd vanish
I hid my light so they wouldn't
take what was mine

come on and be
my snake charmer

I have been so guarded
and so uninviting
to generous hearts
who loved me deep and abiding
all they were trying to do
was to free me from hiding
turn back the stone
where I live alone

come on and be
my snake charmer
I don’t wanna wait