Emily Millard is a Canadian composer, songwriter and vocalist. A cross-genre artist, she draws from pop, jazz and folk traditions to create “a complex sonic world all her own” (Exclaim!). She currently lives in Vancouver BC where she is developing new works that combine poetry, vocal sounding and movement.

Over the past ten years, Emily released four records under the moniker Miss Emily Brown. Her fifth record, By Heron & By Season, released in Canada in October 2016 and Europe in February 2017, is her first release under her birth name. Produced by Sandro Perri and captured by John Raham, the album features some of Canada’s most innovative instrumentalists including violinist Jesse Zubot (Tanya Tagaq), cellist Peggy Lee (Veda Hille), drummer Dan Gaucher (Fond of Tigers) and bassist Colin Nealis (Andy Schauf).

In 2010, Emily released In Technicolor, a folk-pop record based on her grandmother’s wartime diary. The album was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the category “Pushing the Boundaries” and took Emily to the top five nominees for CBC Radio 3’s Bucky Award for Best New Artist. Her 2008 debut release Part of You Pours Out of Me was named one of the top twelve albums of the year by Alan Neal, host of CBC Radio’s Bandwidth.

Emily has toured extensively throughout Canada and Europe, both as a solo artist and with a rotating band of eclectic and experimental young talent. She has shared the stage with such luminaries as Jeremy Fisher, Alin Coen Band, Fred Penner, Royal Wood, Michael Feuerstack and Julie Doiron. She was recently nominated for Best Live Show by Germany's Kulturnews.

Alongside her solo project, Emily co-founded the chamber-folk group Morlove with Vancouver Island based songwriter and producer Corwin Fox. Recent collaborators also include Mikey Bwickers and Aerialists.

Emily has been a guest lecturer at Carleton University’s Shannon Lecture Series, a presenter for Ottawa’s Art Beat, and a band coach for Rock Camp for Girls in Montreal. She studied voice with Dagmar Apel at Opera America in New York, and vocal improvisation with Sidsel Endresen at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. She currently studies composition with Peter Hannan in Vancouver.



“9/10 - Millard’s complex sonic world is all her own. We are lucky to take part in the trip.” - Exclaim! (CAN, 2016)

"‘Art-folk’ is certainly an apt handle for Millard’s work, as this is a greatly artistic recording, carefully crafted like the considered brushstrokes of a painting." - Folk Radio UK (UK, 2016)

“Whether accompanied by autoharp or tenor guitar, she sings with a beautiful ethereal quality that invites the listener into a world of wonder.” - Folk Roots Radio (CAN, 2015)

“Her gentle voice moves like the wind of the Pacific Ocean.” - Negative White (DE, 2016)

"Emily Millard’s „Paradise“ gehört zu jenen Stücken, in die ich mich 2006 völlig haltlos verliebt habe. Kann aber ein Album die Erwartungen, die dieses berührend fragile Lied geweckt hat, erfüllen? Es kann. Denn die kanadische Sängerin macht mit „By Heron & By Season“ alles richtig." - Jazzthetik (DE, 2016)

"Mit „By Heron & By Season“ (eine Zeile aus „Promise Of Spring“) ist Emily Millard jedenfalls ein starkes album gelungen." - laut.de (DE, 2016)

"Zusammen mit ihrem mystisch verklärten, bilderreichen Storytelling setzt sich Emily Millard somit angenehm von der Americana-Affinität vieler ihrer Landsleute ab." - Gaesteliste (DE, 2016)

"Sicherlich, dieses Album beinhaltet nicht gerade eine Aneinanderreihung von Tanzflächenfüllern, dafür wird das Hirn umso mehr erfüllt und angefüllt. In jedem Falle bleibt man zufrieden und auf eine individuelle Art verändert zurück, nachdem man “By heron & by season” eine Chance gegeben hat, sich im eigenen Leben breit zu machen." - Blueprint Fanzine (DE, 2016)

“The emotive single previews what her long awaited forthcoming album By Heron & By Season, due out Fall 2016, will sound like.” - Grayowl Point (CAN, 2015)

“{Her} voice is a mercurial weapon.” - exclaim! (CAN, 2013)

“She weaves a mix of carefully selected acoustic and electronic instruments with her distinctive voice.” - Volksfreund (DE, 2013)

“Dare you not to fall in love.” - Their Bated Breath (US, 2012)

"At times her words are cloaked in metaphorical wordplay, and at other times they’re alarmingly direct and intent upon wounding." - Broden Terry, absolutepunk (US, 2012)

“A beautiful, soft voice. Luckily, the Reeperbahn has stopped shortly the air.” - Balcony TV (DE, 2011)

“her tracks weave in and out of complementary musical styles, vivid yet delicate colours of sound...”  - exclaim! (2010)

“Miss Emily Brown has accomplished a feat of marrying history and plain old-fashioned story telling into a compelling and delicately assembled package of distinctive folk-pop ear candies. In Technicolor is a genuinely impressive achievement.” - Amanda Putz, CBC Radio (CAN, 2010)

“It is as if she touches on a deep rooted nerve that most of us did not know we had.” - NXEW (CAN, 2010)

“Emily's second album is a brilliantly beguiling lend of electronica and folk” - Paul's Winnipeg (CAN, 2010)

“The audience in Peter Weiss House enjoyed the appearance of the charming Canadian. Even as she sang the first song to the tune of a barrel organ, she had the sympathy of the crowd on her side.” - Rostock Heute (DE, 2011)

“Miss Emily Brown subtly blends classic song structures with a magical atmosphere that is full of little surprises.” - KA-City (DE, 2011)

“The instruments weave in and out only when needed, never cluttering the simple harmonies or detracting from Millard's enchanting vocals.” - Edmonton Sun (CAN, 2010)

“It's a gorgeous album, with warm acoustic and electronic sounds, with Millard’s effortless soprano colouring in her clever but heartful folk songs.” - Stylus Magazine (CAN, 2010)

“Vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Emily Brown and Corwin Fox complement each other well, brushing gently against each other as writers and tastefully restrained singers.” - Exclaim! (CAN, 2010)

“Brown has gone from 'there' - Iroquois - to 'here' -Canada Council for the Arts recipient, not to mention CBC Radio Concert on Demand artist, pretty darn quick.” - Standard Freeholder (CAN, 2009)

“Little Miss Awesome.” - i(heart)music (CAN, 2008)

“Un soupçon de CallMeKat dans la voix, une pincée de CocoRosie dans ses compositions, elle nous sert une pop Lo-fi qui tient vraiment bien la route.” - Streetkiss Music (FR, 2008)

“There is a somewhat folky quality to her winsome voice and a number of her songs are guitar-based, but her preference for electronica and jazz influences decidedly move this strong 12-song debut out of the 'folk' bin.” - Monday Magazine (CAN, 2008)

“Add Emily's lilting voice to the mix and even my cynical heart skips a beat.” - Craig Norris, CBC Radio 3 (CAN, 2007)